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Paying your bills just got a lot easier and faster with AutoPay.

AutoPay is our new payment initiative which will help reduce check out time, paper bills and receipts, physical exchange of money or credit cards, and allow for better check out experience.

Your credit card or benefits card (FSA or HSA) will be captured and stored securely and will only be charged when you have a copay due or a time of service charge.

We work with one of the nation’s top payment gateways. Your credit card information is encrypted and stored off-site, just as it is when you leave it with iTunes or Amazon or any other reputable online retailer. No one at Denville Pediatrics has access to your information, and after we have swiped your card once, you’ll never have to give us that card again. We simply access your account on the gateway and process your payment, the same way iTunes or Amazon does when you make a purchase with them.